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Why should you work with us?

We are capable and fully equipped to provide solutions for all relevant features and have previous experience with all services listed. We specialise in providing solution to clients with complex needs that require extensive programming as well as highly intuitive user interfaces. We are highly competent in analysing information, and this enables us to build service oriented services based on sound information architecture.

Art direction      

We have proven in-house graphic designers whose ability has been fully demonstrated on the NBC, New Era, and National Housing Enterprise websites. These designers understand the importance of branding as well as the need to project a consistent visual identity.


We also have fully qualified writers holding qualifications in journalism and mass communication. Their professional abilities are fully demonstrated on all the websites we worked on, including instances where we had to help the client generate content from scratch.

Programming, Database design

These two areas form our greatest strength since Omalaeti Technologies is largely a software development company and this strength, naturally, extends to web development. We have highly qualified developers, all of whom hold at least Bsc. in Computer Science and have ample work experience.

Systems Administration & Web Hosting

This is another area of strength as we already offer a dedicated hosting service from which several reputable companies (including NBC, New Era and Southern Times Africa) are running their websites. We have highly competent staff that are more than comfortable with a variety of server platforms and have experience in managing users, databases and servers.


As a matter of policy we will be at the disposal of your company 24/7 during the website design phase, however, this changes to on call during the maintenance phase. We will establish and maintain open channels of communication but will however retain email, fax and typed/handwritten documents as documents of record. Telephone conversations will only count in the interim but these should be followed up by written documents in order to ensure accountability.


If creativity is confidence, then for us it would be confidence in our expertise and experience but we know there is more to it. We understand the value of visual appeal and have taken time to develop talent in the area of graphic design and programming, with special emphasis being placed on enhancing user experience. In addition to visual appeal, our creative sphere extends to the enhancement of site functionality with special focus on accessibility, visibility, relevance and usability.

Our web development division prides itself in developing websites that reflect our clients’ quality standards and experience while making an impact on clients’ bottom line. [read more]
We are a full cycle software engineering and development company that delivers quality software and development services using best practices in business process analysis and modelling and world-class development techniques. [read more]
Our locally developed Asset and Fleet Management systems are stable, highly scalable, highly customisable systems that cater for the local market at a fraction of the cost with local support included. [read more]
I.T. Consultancy and Outsourcing
System downtime, viruses, spyware, loss of productivity.... Are the computer systems you rely upon to run your business not working consistently and as expected? These distractions are unnecessary, time consuming and very expensive. [read more]
What you get when you host with us
Hosting your website has a number of advantages over many hosting providers. We put no limitations as to what you can do with your account be it bandwidth, number of databases of storage space [read more]