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Microsoft surface – and the hatters

People will always hate, whether you do good or you do bad. And they will hate even more if your name starts with Micro and ends with soft. Microsoft.

Lets recap what Microsoft has just announced. A Microsoft designed tablet PC complete with a stand and a cleverly designed cover that doubles as a keyboard. This in my opinion from what I have seen so far is brilliant. This is what I called thinking outside the box, or getting rid of the box altogether.

My belief is people need devices with more power and capabilities,

Microsoft Surface Tablet (picture by Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface Tablet (picture by Microsoft)

devices from which they can not only consume content, but rether create it. This is where the Surface table fits in. You want a tablet that you can run your Visual Studio, Photoshop and crew? Ok, get a Surface Tablet Pro. Its runs Windows, so you are in an environment you know (albeit changed a little bit).

So why are people complaining already? Truth is people will complain, whine, moan and b*tch for just about anything. For a very long time Microsoft has showcased what they can do when pushed to it (they were pushed, no doubt, Ipads runs in circles around just about anything Microsoft has been throwing at it).

Microsoft Surface tablet showig profile with kickstand and keyboard/cover

Microsoft Surface tablet showig profile with kickstand and keyboard/cover

Now we wait. We wait to see if this promise will come to pass.

Some links on views of the Surface table




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