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Asset Management System
Asset Management System

Do you have large number of assets in your organization? Is there a need to keep track of your assets at all times? If yes, then this system is for you!

In short    
Our locally designed and developed Asset Management System is a simplified asset manager that can assist you in keeping tabs on your assets. These assets can be furniture, electronic equipment including computers, laptops and servers, motor vehicles and a comprehensive stock control module for managing stationery and expendable assets.

Omalaeti Technologies has also developed an Asset management system that suits local operating conditions and is capable of supporting large numbers of users without requiring large capital expenditure upfront as it can run no existing servers and hardware. Its main modules include bar code scanning, inventory/stock control, fleet management, asset management, and reporting modules.


The Asset Management System is modular and includes the following modules and features Asset Register

  • Asset Bar code scanning (bar code reader and bar code printer included)
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory/stock control,
  • Fleet management,
  • Reporting module
  • User Management Module

Why choose us?    
The software was developed locally and we offer 100% support, in addition any additional requirements or custom requirements as per your organizations specifications can be integrated quickly and easily.

Key Features    
The system has a vast array of key business features which were designed and developed according to industry standards, here we list a few :

  • Highly advanced and user friendly interface
  • Asset Bar coding
  • Easy to use Asset count module which integrates with handheld barcode scanners
  • Pop up reminders for any critical event in the system e.g. low stock
  • High levels of reporting in all areas of the system.
  • Capable of integrating with existing systems
  • High level of security to ensure all data is safe

The system was designed to run on the Windows platform, and we are currently working on a web-based version. It uses a client-server architecture where all critical system files and data are stored on the server. The system also has an advanced update system which allows clients to be updated without much effort once changes are made on the server. It runs on the .Net framework and uses a MySQL back end


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